My name is Kristian Moe aka. Houngan Kris and I come from an ancestral line of strong believers of spirits, serving the spirits and working with the spirits to influence the mundane plane. Some ju “seers” (“Readers”) in generations, two brothers 2 generation ago, traveling from town to town, curing the ill, breaking hexes and curses sending away malicious spirit.

I received my gift(s) at birth already from a young age was able to connect to peoples spirit. Telling a person about him or herself, foresee peoples, predict their present stand (love, partners, friendship, friends with bad intentions and so on), predict their future. Basically, predict the future outcome (based on their current stand in the moment, and beyond)

I have executed thousands of readings and several hundreds of spiritual work for private people in different occupation in different sectors – The average person, department of justice, politicians, The Law/officers (All of these workings have been conducted on a “private” request)

The work I have performed – Love, Partnership, Friendship, Family-related (for example reconcile), removal of bad luck, removal of malicious spirit, house cleansing,good luck, court-cases, job,career, money or raise, justice of abusers, separation work (All with great success rate; meaning when the Lwa (Spirits) say they can work something, it will be worked.

1998-2003 at the age of 16, I started to pick up books and study hard, and already was practicing many mystical and occult belief systems, among Kabbala (specifically Sephiroth and Middle Pillar and each of the , as well as rites of King Solomon, LBRP\GRRP (That follows with archangels), Lucid dreaming, Astral Travel, Paganism\Wicca, Chaos Magic. Also ran a group in Norway (Chaotic Illuminated Adepts Occultus Norway – That quickly in just a few months already had several thousands members) In my search for confirmations of what I was experiencing (spiritually) since I didn`t have a teacher. I also started meditation in that period of time, 3 times a day for over 13 years. I also went deep into studying the art of meditation (No books, or courses) Meditated 3 times a day for 14 years.

2001 I received my first call to become a Houngan (Vodou Priest) It was the spirit (Gede) about my calling. I was visited by a physical manifestation of a spirit of the dead (Gede), just before I was about to sleep by my bed. His face was half covered in white powder and he had a black walking stick, he spoke to me directly, but I could not at that time hear his words. He disappeared, and in a blink of a second night had turned to day.

2003 Gede came back at night in a dream, introduced himself as the same spirit that was there two years prior, Gede. It was more like an out of body experience then a dream, where the spirit took me on a journey where I traveled to a country heading to a temple. I saw men and woman dressed white, dancing and singing, heard the drums, saw different object and a 3 legged pots, just as my dream. The spirit layed me on the ground, under white sheets, waved by “these people” dressed in white - The spirit told me this was my initiation, and I was to travel to Haiti because I was chosen to do so.   

2006 I traveled to Haiti for the first time. I traveled to Jacmel a little island and town in the southern part of Haiti, where I visited a Vodou lakou (temple). Yes I was to initiate, but when there – I felt no such thing as the presence of spirit. I later resigned my grade and the fake Mambo (“Priestess”).

2009 I was called back to Haitian Soil, this time heading to Petionville, a suburb to Port-Au-Prince East for the town. I had been in touch with a Well-known and respected Mambo for a few years prior to my travel, and was invited to Labelle Deesse Vodou Temple. When I got there, I quickly recalled the dream I had in 2003 with the spirit of the dead, and could recognize everything to the detail as shown in the dream. This was when I first initiated into Haitian Vodou, and was given the title Houngan, that is the title of a spiritual leader.

​​The Kanzo (initiation)lasted for two weeks, I was given a new name "Kouraje Ginin Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon Houngan", which means Courage of Ginin (Ginin is a world between heaven and earth where most higher elevated spirits reside, we refer to these spirits as Lwa) –Edeyo Soulage minfo translates as- help them feel better with strong hands; in essence it can be interpreted as working efficient and hard) Bon is the creole word for “good”, meaning we always fight for the “good”. 

My spiritual mother and mentors are Labelle Deesse Senior (Soulage Minfo Bon Mambo) & Labelle Deesse Jr. (Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon Mambo) of Sosyete Labelle Deesse Dereale. Well known priestesses trough Haiti, Canada and the US that was appointed with the title ATI  (Heads) over the Vodou community in Canada Montreal, which is a title that defines them as chosen “heads” of the Vodou community there. This title was appointed by ATI Max beauvoir (Chef supreme) a title he was given by votes in favor of all Houngan (Male priests) and Mambos (Female priests) in Haiti.

​I have lived in Haiti a great potion of time throughout the years, and also I also lived among Haitians and Haitian community in Canadal with my Haitian Mom Labelle Deesse Sr. in 2012-2013 where I was privately mentored.

The spirits appointed me as international representative for out Vodou society, that of course was blessed by my mom representative of our Vodou temple (Sosyete Labelle Deesse Dereale\Labelle Deesse Vodou temple).


I am also the founder of the first and biggest Vodou songs website (www.vodousongs.com) that archives old traditional Vodou songs and lyrics.