June 3, 2015

Today’s subject is spiritual work I go a bit into what spiritual work (aka. Magical work) is, if it is wrong to do spiritual work, what you can get out of spiritual work and what spiritual work requires both from the worker and the client, both when it comes to sacrefice and money.


Spiritual work is done to cause real changes in your life. It might be in concern to matters of love (attraction, partnership and commitment), health, work, business, money, law (court issues), removal of bad luck, good luck, spiritual protection, to name the most requested types of work..


 A general question is can anyone do spiritual work, the answer is yes, and no.


Let me explain.


Because we all are connected to the spiritual realm, we all have spirits but there are a lot of important factors that matter. First of all you have to know what spiri...

May 25, 2015


Your ancestors are your foundation, in Vodou we say that “we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors” because the foundation they build before us, good and bad, is still part of who you are today. This can be of materialistic value, moral value, cultural value, skills, religion, and faith to mention some things that you might have inherited.


An example is that you inherited a house, which the ones before you had to really sweat blood and tears over to build. It might even go generations further back, where your great great grandfather who was a poor miner had to put pennies aside to pay of a little piece of land that he bought, where he built a cabin.. where now today is seated with big house.


Maybe you didn’t inherit anything materialistic at all, but throughout your line of making the same mistakes over and over aga...

May 21, 2015

My name is Houngan Kris or Koraj Ginin Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon Houngan which is my given spiritual name (Which means Courage of Ginin (Ginin is a world between heaven and earth where most higher elevated spirits reside, we refer to these spirits as Lwa) –Edeyo Soulage minfo translates as- help them feel better with strong hands; in essence it can be interpreted as working efficient and hard) Bon is the creole word for “good”, meaning we always fight for the “good” and Houngan is my title, that means I have passed through a two weeks initiation ceremony called Kanzo and I am an acknowledged priest of Haitian Vodou.


I responded to my calling in Vodou as in 2003, this is when first I started to serve the Lwa. I received my first initiation in 2006 and my second one in 2009; in Labelle Deesse Dereale Vodou temple located in Meyot...

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Spiritual work (aka. Magical Work)

June 3, 2015

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