Spiritual work (aka. Magical Work)

Today’s subject is spiritual work I go a bit into what spiritual work (aka. Magical work) is, if it is wrong to do spiritual work, what you can get out of spiritual work and what spiritual work requires both from the worker and the client, both when it comes to sacrefice and money.

Spiritual work is done to cause real changes in your life. It might be in concern to matters of love (attraction, partnership and commitment), health, work, business, money, law (court issues), removal of bad luck, good luck, spiritual protection, to name the most requested types of work..


A general question is can anyone do spiritual work, the answer is yes, and no.

Let me explain.

Because we all are connected to the spiritual realm, we all have spirits but there are a lot of important factors that matter. First of all you have to know what spirit you are connected to and what spirit takes your work. You can call a certain spirit, but it doesn’t mean that the spirit is willing to work with you or that this is the spirit that actually takes your work (or prayer for that matter).

We have spirits on many different levels, we have lower level spirits and higher level spirits, we have lost spirits, we have good spirits, we have bad spirits, angry spirits, calm spirit, lying spirits, trickster spirits, malicious spirits and the

list goes on.. just as you would characterize human beings. So when conduction spiritual work, you have to know what kind of spirit you are dealing with, is the spirit true to you or not, what do the spirit want in return.. These are all questions that you should ask yourself. Because the moment you call and open and lift the vail to the spirit world; something will respond. And if you don’t’ know, or if you can’t handle the spirit that comes through; or be able to treat the spirit accordingly, well in most cases you won’t get results.. and in worst cases; the spirit will turn your life upside down (to put it mildly).

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This is the reason you would want to go to someone who have knowledge and know what they are doing. If there is something physically wrong with you, you go to the doctor, when you have an issue with the law you hire a lawyer, when someone stole from you, you go to the police.. Just as when you dealing with spiritual matters or spiritual work, you would seek out someone who specialize in that field of expertise to help you.

Now when that is said, we as spiritual workers deal with all types of matters and clientele that want different things. So we work as counselors, advisors, psychotherapists, doctors, law, depending on the matter at hand- and also the spirits we deal with that we have that have unique qualities and specialties.

Another question that often arises is, is it wrong to do spiritual work?

Some people have the mindset that messing with the “natural order of things” or with the will/plan of God will get you in trouble.


There is nothing wrong with asking, praying or working for what you need, or want in life. The same way we are given the brain as a tool, we take our exams, we graduate, get a job, build our career and mold our lives accordingly to how we want it to be. Everything you do to build your life is a tool, either it is getting the education, the network you build, your colleagues, money it’s all tools to get where you want to be. My point being you can’t expect God to magically change your life, you have to grab the opportunity by the tail and use it to your advantage to move ahead. Spiritual work is just that, another tool, to be able to get you where you want to be, by doing spiritual work you will pave the way to help you reach your goal.

Does that mean that you can get anything you want by spiritual work?

Everything comes with a sacrifice and price.

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I don’t believe that there is anything that is impossible. However whatever you ask for is something that has to come from your heart and be something that you truly desire. Not the least you have to be realistic, in the sense that you don’t nurture a fantasy, because going back to “the natural order of things” we work with nature, not against it.. This is why a reading always should be conducted before any spiritual work. To see where you stand at the moment and what can, and cannot be done accordingly to your wish and also what would you have to sacrifice to achieve what you want.

So how much is spiritual work?


First it depends on the matter at hand, and the person requesting it. As humans these days we deal with money as means of trade. We work hard to achieve our money, and this is where what states our part of a sacrifice. While the spirit don’t use for money and requires different type of sacrifice it still takes money for the priest or worker to conduct the work and to get what the spirit want. Sometimes the spirits want something simple as fruit or fish, sometimes like Erzulie Freda who is the most exquisite spirit of beauty, wealth and excess;

she might want a necklace or a ring; or sometimes the spirits might want an animal in return. A work is often very elaborate, consistent of different complex rituals, prayers and protocols of service to the spirits. It can take from 3,7 to 21 days or sometimes even more with consistent attention from the worker to complete. There are basically 3 levels of that needs to be maintained to produce the results that you want from a work. The sacrifice done from you, the sacrifice from the worker and lastly the sacrifice from the spirit the is the main essence of the work to be successful.

Now let’s go deeper into the meaning of money as means of trade (or sacrefice). For someone spending a few dollars can be a tremendous sacrifice and be enough, while for others would spend a million and still it means nothing. Ask yourself, how much would it be worth to me, how much would I sacrifice if I could get what I want (Be honest with yourself).

Lastly to have FAITH is the essential key for success in any work that you do or have done. If you pay 10 million dollar and still not believe in what you pay for it’s not going to work. If you don’t have faith I personally would rather not take the work at all. You have to have faith in God and the spirit, you have to have faith in yourself, you have to have faith in the worker and you have to have faith in the ork. In some cases you will be sent some instructions to follow, you do that and have faith this is all you have to do to get results; the worker and the spirits will handle the rest.

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